Our Mission

To support research and studies related to better understanding major and rare diseases and disorders, such as ADD, ADHD, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, chronic kidney disease, neurodegeneration, and nutritional deficiencies, as well as developing better treatments for these conditions.


The FBHI focuses on research for the treament of illinesses and behavioral conditions while supporting organzations that share our goals and mission.

Mechanistic Disease Research

The Institute supports research that helps uncover major and minor disease mechansims, as well as research that helps develop innovative treatment technologies and innovative patient care programs.

Donates to Organizations

The Institute’s immediate focus is raising funds and making contributions to other research institutions.  In the future, the Institute will offer services, educational programs, and facillities to the public.

Leadership Team

We have assembled a diverse team of medical researchers, business professionals and behavioral scientists that have come together to make a lasting difference in disease research and patient recovery